Work/Life Balance in a Performance-Driven World

Some people love their jobs. Some people love making money. Some people love their families…and some people love well…

Work/Life balance is just one of the ways we try to balance some opposing viewpoints where on one hand we have formal-professional relationships and on the other hand we have our casual-intimate relationships. Sometimes we like one more than we like the other so much to the point where we’ll either work to just get by and pay bills, or only come home to sleep and eat food since both things inconvenience you from the further building your empire.

In our performance driven world, we can easily lose sight of this balance whether you want to be the best mom of the year or best CEO. Rarely is it ever worth it in life to have the scale tipped completely in one way or the other. Successful businessmen can make great alcoholic fathers, while a great mom works a 9-5 job barely making enough money to feed her kids. Often times these kinds of people with these balances tipping toward extremes in these opposite directions will fall in love and try to balance each other out because they haven’t sufficiently balanced themselves. Naturally as this progresses we see more broken homes and eventually a broken society. Is the lack of a work/life balance possibly what’s wrong with America?

Maybe if we knew how to set boundaries more clearly where work ends and our home-life begins that would be the beginning.

Right now, many companies across the country are pretty much hiring “virtual employees” that telecommute and completely work from home. (For all of those kids out there who hated getting homework in school…this doesn’t exactly sound fun.) If you’re one of those people who has actually worked from home you soon realize that all the perks actually slowly become drawbacks.

Sure, you might not have to wear pants during that phone conference, and maybe you have the most flexible schedule ever, but slowly and surely you’ll notice an ever increasing amount of distraction, loss of a daily regimen, degradation of social skills. It can even take a toll on your relationships in ways that you hadn’t foreseen.

On the flip side of this, there’s the vast group of us that simply hate our jobs and strongly prefer the “life” side of things compared to your daily 9-5. Maybe you play in a cover band on the weekends. Maybe you like to hunt or go fishing. Maybe you just like hanging out with your family, but most people who hate their jobs cover up this bane of their existence with drugs or alcohol. Whatever your route of escapism is, we all have various vices that help us cope with our different levels of imbalance that help try to give us some notion of happiness.

So what’s the message in all this? Is there really any way that we can win? Kind of. It’s all about BALANCE. If you think you might be a workaholic, learn to cut yourself off at quitting time. If you look forward to quitting time because you’ve been hung over all day and came in late to work…maybe you should make work more a higher priority or go find something that you love so much that you’re willing to be there 100%. If you want to keep your sanity at home or in the office, make clear distinctions about where one ends and the other begins. It’ll relieve you of stress and make your life that much better.

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