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Hey Folks, TK here with Team Limited Labs. I wanted to do an interactive segment on Dream Weaver and it’s use as a tool for reading into the sub-conscious.

I will be doing a 2-week trial of our lucid dreaming supplement appropriately named, Lotus Dreamweaver – Here I will post my daily thoughts about my nights’ sleep. The Good, The Bad, The Weird. But first, a monologue as to why this is important.

Dreaming, the Lucid State, and reading into my personal Introspective subconscious has always been a hobby of mine even since I was a snot-nosed, band shirt wearing, nose-ring sporting teenager.

The funny thing is when I was 10 years younger I was always looking for ways to escape into new consciousness. When we are young we experiment with drugs, at least I did. I would take psychedelics and various mind–altering drugs socially and recreationally with friends. I think that I was afraid that when I grew up and became older I would lose my connection with my inner–self and become just like my parents, reminiscent of glory days of youth, trapped into a life of meaningless routine until I die. I have long been fascinated to know more about the unseen yet always present corner of existence and to inherently understand my place within it.

But we all know, life can be numbing…

Now that I am older, my mentality has shifted & I don’t feel so unique. There is nothing fun about growing older and realizing that you are Human just like everyone else. It can be somewhat, well, demoralizing. As we age, the ego grows ever more present as we develop our personalities. During this time, the subconscious seems to fade away. Sleep becomes a chore, dream recollection seems to fade, & memories begin to become more difficult to recall. We lose apart of ourselves to the grind. Chalk it up to the game.

I firmly believe that your subconscious is the gateway into your soul. The person who you truly represent, a collective of all your memories and experiences. As routine sets in, our ability to access the subconscious seems to fade. Not because it in itself diminishes, but because be push it way back, deep into our psyche, afraid to face who we truly are.


Dreams are your first-class ticket to the world of self. Like a rubrics cube, they can seem daunting to decipher. But if you practice recalling dreams and look for the cues, you can begin to figure out what they mean, and eventually you be can begin controlling their direction. Now, understand that your Dreams may have an infinite number of perspective meanings to them, they are extremely personal. Talking about them to others is difficult, because it’s hard to describe how they make you “feel” and what exactly it is what you recalled. Often, they can seem random. They key is to identify common themes, symbols, and visual ques that make you aware that you are dreaming. Here are some tips that I use.


Tip 1.

Keep a log, diary, or dream book.

Writing things down has proven to be helpful with memory recollection, the same goes with your dreams. So once you awaken try your best to remember the subtle nuances of your dream as well as the big picture, write it down. Even if you never read it again it doesn’t matter because you will be more likely able to remember it when it presents itself again in your dreams, because it will.

Tip 2.

Notice the reoccurring themes.

Your dreams often will have reoccurring themes and visual responses to a way you are feeling about something that may or may not be going on in your waking life. Once you start to realize those themes you can begin to have a better grasp on how they really make you feel.

Tip 3.


This is one where I personally suffer. Try and keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible. The more consistent that better the results, not just in dreaming but for your overall health in general.

Tip 4.

Induce mild sleep paralysis.

This may seem weird, but you dream heavier when your body is in a state of paralysis, there are many supplements and herbs that can help your body frequency reach a delta state to begin the lucid state. Dreamweaver in particular uses this technique with its Huperzine nootropic ingredient.

Tip 5.

Push through, even when it’s scary.

Tapping into your subconscious, being paralyzed in your sleep, this can all seem a little scary, especially when you are having not-so pleasant of dreams. But the key here is to finish them through. Not everything you will see will be good, and in fact it’s those dreams that may be having the most impact on you.

Oct 12th / 2017 // Night one – Dose | 1 capsule

Sleep schedule, 11:00pm – 8:00am

This was my first night of taking Dreamweaver in awhile, (I weened myself off taking regular 10g melatonin a week before). I usually have quite a hard time falling asleep, I think this is due to my entrepreneurial spirit, my mind has a hard time shutting-off especially when the wheels are turning. I try and keep caffeine consumption regulated and I am careful not to take anything that has caffeine after 3pm. I actually drifted pretty easily into sleep about an hour after taking Lotus Dreamweaver & heading to the sheets. I made out a solid 8 hours of solid sleep & quite well without any interruptions, waking up or going to the restroom. That is a good–night of rest for me, I am a light sleeper.

As for my dreams, wow, I can instantly tell that Dreamweaver has me operating in a deep delta state. I could vividly recall 4 different dreams all with unique themes.

Registered Themes: Flying (very common theme for me), aviation, being in an aircraft, engaging with a community, untrusting of leadership, and compassion and saving for others around me for which I care about. Which all seem pretty much on par with with much that is going on in my life.

Although there were “scary” moments, some even involving death, I think last nights dreams were all generally positive for me, my dreams may of had some adversity, but who knows this could be a good thing. tonight I will do 2 caps. Joey said that lucidity and deep sleep in general can be altered with marijuana consumption, so I am going to lay off the ganj for the time being. He also mentioned that my dreams could be made even more intense if I stick a nicotine patch to my arm before bed. Yah, I don’t think so, nicotine has never been my thing.

Oct 13th / 2017 // Night two | Dose 2 capsules

Last night was interesting, I fell asleep rather quickly. Within 30 minutes, which again, is pretty unusual for me. It generally takes me over an hour to drift away, sometimes more.
My dreams were much more intense last night, they were almost frighting with some intense moments. There seems to be some demons locked away deep inside of me that are trying to get out. Dreamweaver has a tendency to bring it all out of an individual. In my dreams I can remember adventure, chaos, espionage, singing and elaborate architecture. There was a moment where I was lucid and someone broke into my house so I put a gun to the mystery intruders face, when I recognized the face was familiar I realized I was dreaming and was able to shake the bad dream vibe. That was probably the most intense moment of the night, but knowing I took dreamweaver helped me remember that I was intentionally trying to bring these weird dreams out.

Trying to figure out what that last one means, but maybe I am overly skeptical of those around me.

I think I will go back down to 1 dose tonight.

Oct 16th / 2017 // Night 5 | Dose 1 capsule

I accidentally forgot my Dreamweaver while taking a short trip to Austin for the weekend. I had to take a day off due to my mistake. I started back up Sunday night.

My dreams Sunday-Monday were much darker. I had a hard time recalling the dreams but I remember vividly a particular dream where there was a giant snake covered in roaches hiding out in a fireplace. And when I say giant, I mean it must have been 20+ feet long more than a foot in circumference, It was curled up next to one of my friends who was sitting in a recliner next to the fireplace. I spotted the snake & all the bugs that were covering it; I pushed him away from the snake. This massive snake, now aware that we had noticed it; began to move around and make advances towards us, clearly aggressive and preparing to strike. I busted out a shotgun from somewhere and blew it’s head off. I woke up after that. I guess it got too intense.

It took me some soul searching to find my metaphorical “snake”. Usually this means that there is an unwanted intruder in your life that is selfishly preying on you or someone you care for. I feel I have done a pretty good job of weeding out the “snakes” in my life, I keep my circle very tight & small. I could not imagine anyone I currently operate with on a daily basis preying on me. After thinking it over I don’t think the snake was coming for me. It was a concern that I have for one of my best friends who has had a massive metaphorical “snake” sliver into his garden. He was just recently telling me about the unwanted arrival of a particularly sinister individual we bot mutually know attempting to make a comeback into his life and I must be more concerned than I let on.

Oct 17th / 2017 // Night 6 | Dose 1 capsule

Things became a bit more uplifting on this dream adventure. Like I mentioned on my first dream, aviation and flight make a regular appearance in my dreams. When I tell people it is my dream to one day be successful enough to own and operate my very own single engine aircraft, I am being very literal as I dream about it all the time.

This dream had a few different constructs to it. First, I was introduced to a new family, not my family but like a friend-family. It was obvious right from the beginning that this family was extremely wealthy, although they did not seem “lavish” or flaunting about their wealth. Instead it this family opted to spend their fortunes on happiness. The family was a mixture of adults and children all with different personality types and hobbies, but they all seemed very pleasant and welcoming. They owned this ranch like estate that was like an amusement park, each different room or section was geared for a family member and their particular interests. A basketball court in one, A state-of-the-art art studio in another. outdoor toys like boats, ATVs, dirt-bikes etc… On the back side of the property low and behold there was an air-strip, one of which their youngest member, a young girl maybe 9 or 10 years of age was a pilot and she too had an affinity for the skies. We immediately became close friends and would operate a small single engine plane together, flying it over the ranch.

I do not recall this dream making any unexpected dark turns, I think it was wholesome and good through and through, which is always nice. You usually remember the bad ones the most, but I think this dream is trying to tell me about the newer people in my life to which I began to operate with. Possibly this dream is a metaphor for my Limited Labs family (I began working with LTD Labs about 2 months ago). I feel like we all together make a good team, each of us with different interests and skill sets, but ultimately we all very unselfishly just want to explore new horizons and build on our personal and shared ambitions, pooling our collective skills as one. As for the young girl, I don’t know any girls that age, but maybe she was a symbol of my girlfriend Cat; whom is very supportive in joining me on this new journey.

Oct 18th / 2017 // Night 7 | Dose 1 capsule

I took one capsule of dreamweaver and was asleep within 30 minutes but I cannot recall any dreams I had. I slept through the night with no interruptions and woke up quite alert and well rested. I feel as if I dreamed, but simply cannot recall. I smoked a little MJ yesterday, this may be affecting my memory. If something returns to me I will come back and document.

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